Entrepreneur Description

Exploration name: Entrepreneurship

Teacher name: Kichong

Number of students: 12
In our class we learn about entrepreneurship. In entrepreneurs we learn about 3D printing and what does 3D printing do is to make an a object that is three dimensional and it make by putting down a thin layer to make a object. That we design our product that can print in the 3D printing and it have a lot of advantage and good product. In we learning we learn the team to make use not more to learn about how to make a business.  So we have 12 students the teacher divide each team has 2 people. Each team have to think of the problem that people had and come up with an ideas to help solving people problem. In each team have to divide the job. Their is 2 job in each team one is marketing and other is designer. The marketing person that doing promote product,money and other. Designer is a person that design the product. In each team think of the cost and profit of there product. At the end of the class we have went to sell our product at Asia Hope, Logo school and Pannasastra University of Cambodia at their we sell of our product. When it to end of the class we have a test to make a step to make business by using the team that we had learn. Then we have an a sharation to talk about what we do in the class and what we do. There are presentation that we doing in our class.



Goods and Services – Economics

This is a project of my Advanced Enrichment Economics. We learned about Goods and Services, Scarcity and Abundance, Opportunity Cost, Consumer Goods and Capital Goods. I chose one is Goods and Services. Here is what I done.