Programming Description (Python)

Exploration: Programming
Teacher: Alli and Corey
Number of Students: 16

In this Exploration we learned how to program (also called coding). First day of the Exploration we wrote the instructions step by step (turn right 90 degrees, go forward 10 steps….) to tell a robot to go to a room somewhere in my school step by step (turn right 90 degrees, go forward 10 steps, etc). We had some challenges like wolf, sheep and cabbages need to cross the river, gold bars and etc. After that we started to learn to code in the computer. Luckily Alli and Corey chose Python to teach. I have learned Python in my Expertise in TechSupport Exploration so I am very comfortable with it and other students were new to coding. In class we learned how to make simple games like rock paper scissors, guessing a number from 1-100: these are small projects that we did. The bigger project is Hangman Game which is the game to guess a word that the computer chooses. The biggest project was making our own game or simulation. My team made a shooting game. This game has two ships that shoot each other; if their health is equal to zero they would die. The game I use Pygame library to make and it need to have two players to play. It took me three weeks to make it.

On the Sharation day I showed this game to Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education Youth and Sport of Cambodia. He played my game with me and he was very interested in my game. He was really good at playing my game. He beat me. After we played he asked me how to make this game. To explain the code is really hard for those who don’t know anything about it so I made a demo of my game to show him. I told some of my code to him and how I debug it. Also he asked me where I learned it. I said I learned it from the Internet. He was impressed with me. At last we shaked our hands.