Mentoring Robotics Exploration

In this year Liger let the students to choose their own Exploration. So I and my other friends wanted to learn next level robot but we don’t any facilitator to teach about robot. To that end our teacher suggested us to teach other friends that didn’t know a lot of robot or make class to introduce about robotics to Cambodia students. We decided to teach students at Liger and make a small class. There are two teams that I mentored and they are going to do a FLL competition at Singapore. The challenge is about Trash, so they need to find innovative solutions that can reduce trash. Another challenge is robotics challenge, they need to build a robot that can do a Lego challenge.  Their difficulty about robot is programming. Programming is not easy for some people so I need to teach them more. Everyday in the class we guided them like a teacher, prepared the presentation, explained them what the projects is about, etc. First time I teach the students it was very hard. Having said that, couple weeks later it was easy for me.