Project-based learning Exploration

Our school does Project based learning and Liger students love it. Dr Hang Chounaron Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport came to our school and he’s very interesting what we are doing in Liger. He wants to try to do PBL at government schools. So, he asked Liger to help to make sample projects, to teach teachers how to do projects and to evaluate.

We have three Explorations that worked together for the mission are PBL, STEM and Evaluate. I was in PBL doing about Moral & Civic Education. Our role is to make a presentation how to do a presentation and do a project about the Moral & Civic Education. So when we go to Kratie school we presented to the teachers at public school how to do a presentation and the product we had done one the topic.

For our project, we have to interview six women and pick one of them to present. After we interviewed them we wanted to make a role play. It’s not easy to act out an angry man yelling at the girl like that, but I did my best to do that.

Here is the video of the role play:

This is presentation skill video: