Teaching Scratch to Assistant of Secretary of State

It is a great opportunity to teach Scratch to the Assistant of the Secretary of State of Cambodia. I was shocked when I heard about that, but I didn’t feel nervous at all. I went to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport every Wednesday morning with a Liger teacher and taught Pollin (Assistant of the Secretary of State) about two and a half hours. The first day, I taught how to install Scratch Offline 2 and Adobe Air. It was a challenge to explain Scratch, how to use it and what is included in the program. I gave him homework every week to do a small project. After the first week, he understood faster. I tried to make a simple project that is fun, using the blocks that he had learned.

The purpose of this training is because Scratch is great for students to use and learn in Government Schools. The Secretary of State wants to learn Scratch too, but he’s too busy with work so he asked his Assistant to learn from me and his assistant can then teach him.

If Government Schools have Scratch lessons for students to learn, they can make educated animations, games, art. Kids love to play games and I think it is so fun to play their own game. Also, if you know how to use scratch well, it is easy to learn coding.

Scratch is a great tool, it has a lot of languages including Khmer, but the Khmer translation isn’t perfect. I wanted to translate it, but I didn’t have time.

The Secretary of State wants me to make an educated animation about traffic problems in Cambodia. He said, if I made it, he will include it on his TV campaign commercial.

Accomplished Mekong Swim for 700 meters

Swim across Mekong River is a serious mission. I joined this swim because I wanted to get new experience and my friends encouraged me to join. I had only one hour training in a week with ICAN teacher. Before the swim, I felt really nervous because I never swim that long and I was a bit sick at that time. The swim takes place at Prek Leap National College of Agriculture and the start at 9:00am on 24th April 2016. The current of the river was so strong, so I have to swim toward to upper river not swim straight to the finish line. I am not a good swimmer, I can’t swim freestyle well, but I always motivate myself to keep going. My time was 17min 25sec. I was so proud of myself.