Lego Master After School Extension

I love Lego and I volunteered to host an After School Extension (ASE) called Lego Master for Junior Students. Six of Junior students join my ASE. I was really surprised that they like Lego and having fun. It remind me of when I was young playing Lego.

Pictures from Lego Master ASE that I host with Rithy and Lux.

Coding Exploration – Making an economic game

Coding Exploration has 16 students that passed the brain test. Before the Exploration, we have an expertise by Skype with Michael, learned to use git commands. After git, we moved to Javascript, practiced and learned it in Codecademy. The goal of the Exploration is to make an economic game using Javascript. We have four teams are UI team designs user interface, data team gets data from data sheets and write it in Javascript and gives it to game engine team, game engine team writes code how the game works and tutorial team designs tutorial pages. All teams are collaborating with each other to make the amazing game.