Winning a 1st Outstanding Contribution Certificate

First of all, I want to say that this certificate is the first certificate awarded by Liger Learning Center and signed by the co-founders and country director. I get this award is because I help to improve Liger order form system by writing some code in Google Spreadsheet. I saw many issues when Liger introduced the ordering system. I took my initiative to ask head chief for more problems about Google Spreadsheet and I used my independent discovery and my weekends to code the features. It saved so much time for Liger staffs to manage the Spreadsheets.

I was awarded in a big assembly with all Liger Foundation Leadership, guests, staffs, senior and junior students. It was a surprise and wonderful time when the Trevor, founder of Liger Learning Center announced the award for me.

The Certificate


Google App Script – Independent Discovery

I always want to improve my coding skill and I have had many Independent Discovery about coding. For this Independent Discovery, I’m coding Google Apps. I can add my code to any Google Apps such as Spreadsheet, Docs, Form, etc. So, why Google Apps? Most of Liger students and staffs use Google like Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Docs. I was sure that they had a bad day interact with them. I was thinking if I could write a feature that solves some problems they have, it would be better. I have interviewed a facilitator and a catering manager about their problems with Google Spreadsheet or Google Docs.

Caroline, a facilitator had a problem with copying a Master Docs and Sharing and I fixed that with some lines of code.

Matt, Catering manager had a really big problem with Ordering Form Spreadsheets. Liger just has an ordering form system for each apartment to order items to cook. There are eight apartments and every apartment has a Spreadsheet to order the items. In some case, the items weren’t on the list so Matt has to go to every spreadsheet of all apartments and add a new item. Another case is the item price is not constant, some months might the price is increase and Matt has to change the price to every spreadsheet. Yes, each apartment spreadsheet has 12 sheets. 8 * 12 = 96 sheets. It means if he wants to add a new item or change price, he must add or change to 96 sheets.


I wrote the feature for him and it much faster than copy and paste. Video below is the features demonstration on ordering form:

Startup Weekend

Woh, it was tired join a 54 hours event, Friday noon till Sunday night. 12 of Liger students joined this event at Phnom Penh and we have worked really hard. Startup Weekend is a global event where we can pitch an idea, form the team and start the business, it happens every weekend around the world. I didn’t pitch an idea but I decided to join with one pitcher and have a team of six members. The problem that we see is that students don’t have a goal, it has a goal but don’t know where to start. Our solution is to create a website where students can do a personal test (if they don’t know they have an academic or don’t have a goal) and students can find opportunities by their academic. My role of the team is a developer, but I also share many ideas because I am a high school student so I know how the students feel.

We spent two days on the brainstorming solution and how to make money from the solution. 80 percents of the time we felt very stressed, our mentor asked many difficult questions. The questions help our team a lot. I worked really hard on the website for the whole Sunday.
Check our company website.

Finally, we pitched to judges and we won the top three team. The judges said we won because the problems that we come up is a serious problem in Cambodia and we came up with a good solution.

Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze said, fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

I learned so much about business from this event even if we very tired.