My Khmer Poem

ចំណងជើង: ​ស្រណោះ


ស្រណោះស្រែវាល​ស្រូវ                ដែល​ធ្លាប់​នៅ​កាល​ពី​តូច

ស្រណោះចាប​យំ​​ហ៊ូច ​​​​​​​​​​​​                  សម្លេង​កួចពីរោះក្រៃ។

ស្រណោះ​ប្រឡាយស្រែ                ដែល​ធ្លាប់​ហែល​លេង​ភក់ដី

ស្រណោះកាលបង់ត្រី                   ធ្វើចំណីប្រឡាក់ដែរ។

ស្រណោះកាលឃ្វាលគោ              ជិះ​កង់​ហ៊ូ​ពេញវាលស្រែ

ស្រណាេះគ្រាប់​ស្រូវ​ផ្លែ                   ភ្ជួរ​រាស់​ដែរព្រោះចុង​ក្រោយ។

ស្រណេាះបរគោយន្ត                      អ្នក​មាន​គុណ​បង្ហាត់ឱ្យ

ស្រណោះម្អមស្រែអើយ                  មុន​នឹង​ក្រោយយកទៅ​ស្ល។

ស្រណោះព្រលិតបឹង                      ឈរឡើង​នឹងដូចសសរ

ស្រណោះឈូក​ប​​វរ                         ចិត្តស្មោះសរមិនភ្លេចភក់។

ស្រណោះដើមត្នោតទេរ                 អស់ឯងគេសរសើរ​ខ្ពស់

ស្រណោះរំពាក់លួស                     ញាំុផ្លែជួស​​ការ​អផ្សុក។

ស្រណោះស្មៅកន្ត្រើយ                  នៅ​មិន​ស្បើយនៅ​មិនសុខ

ស្រណោះត្រពាំង​ថ្លុក                      បក្សីកុកមករកត្រី។

ស្រណោះវាលបៃតង                     ជីវិត​ចងជាមេត្រី

ស្រណោះកាលតូចក្ដី                     សប្បាយក្រៃពេលឃើញស្រែ។

I made my first AR application

On Friday 27th 2017, I attended to a workshop about AR application hosted by Eric Gu. I was not chosen to be on the trip but I asked to join and gave up a class because I found out that AR is very fascinating. AR is short for Augmented Reality. It is a new technology that generates an enhanced version of reality on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera). For example, Pokemon game uses AR technology with smartphone camera. We can move the camera and the object looked real. 

Eric showed a tutorial for making an AR application on Unity. To do this, we needed a Vuforia package that has AR camera code. AR camera can be train to recognize an image. For Eric’s demo, he already trained the applications to see a card. If the camera detected the card image, we can add any objects, for example a cube to the card. I followed the tutorial with a lot of excitement and when I made a simple AR application; it was so AMAZING. I played the card around, and the cube followed the card. Playing a game on AR was even cooler, Eric showed a tanks shooting  game on AR controlled by computers but the picture was from the camera and the tanks and games components was from the application. Basically, AR allowed people to play a digital game on a real table.  Eric also showed a presentations and videos what AR is and what the future looked like when AR implemented. I was blown away. 


Exposing to cryptocurrencies from a tech talk

On 15th November 2017, I and 11 other went to a Tech Talk at Tekhub about how cryptocurrencies change the world as we know it. I found this event posted on Facebook page and it caught my heart desiring to hear the talk. I requested my facilitator if I and somebody else who were interested could go. I got accepted. I was very excited but I must leading the group to the event.

I have learned more about Bitcoin, how does it works and its history. The history came from Satoshi Nakamoto , the founder of Bitcoin, because one of one big problem is bank flation. Bitcoin solved it, government can’t shut down the system because it is a decentralized system. It globalize used, no need approval from the government, convenience and fast. At first I thought our Liger Digital Currency is a cryptocurrency but once I listed to them, It’s not. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized (meaning that more than one server), while Liger Digital Currency is centralized because we only have one server. I was inspire with blockchain system and how people can be an ICO of the cryptocurrency. I was Blown away.


This is my holiday

Some went to their home with their family, some went to Kampot Writer Festival and I decided to stay at Liger for my Water Festival holiday. Time from this holiday was a big opportunity for me to work on my project works. One of which was was VEX robotics. I spent about two days to design the scissors mechanism from Inventor. My friends found out that it’s hard to assemble parts in Inventor and it is true at the beginning. I figured out an easier way along the way.  Currently, we don’t have some parts at our class and the ability to assemble part virtually from the computer, I can design scissor mechanism faster and more organize. Once the design is done, I can order the missing parts then I can go straight to assemble the robot. 

Here is a video of scissor mechanisms simulation that I had designed over the holiday: