Model United Nation at Saigon

From March, 30 to April 1, I was attending Model United Nation at Saigon, Vietnam, which is called SIAMUN. This was my second of participating as the delegate in Model United Nation (MUN). I was representing as the delegate of the Federal Republic of Germany in The Economic and Financial Committee, General Assembly 2. The topics were:

  1. The question of tax evasion by multinational corporations (MNCs).
  2. The question on the implementation of a universal minimum wage
  3. The question of the legality and use of Bitcoin
  4. The question of overseas aid to lower income countries

Among of those topics, I was focusing on the first topic, because tax and how companies avoiding tax is interesting to learn. I have plenty of help from my entrepreneur teacher relating to this.

During the assembly, I had more confidence than my first time. I asked some questions to the house and made a few speeches than ISPPMUN. I knew that my public speaking skill needed a lot of improvement, and by participating in this event, bringing me closer to perfect of this skill.