Coming of Age Narrative Essay

The first unit of English Literacy was about writing a narrative essay relating to rite of passage. This writing is about one’s remarkable transition experience in their life. For example, becoming a teenager.

Now, I have become a teenager, though, this not what I wanted write about. I have an interesting story to tell which is the journey I walked toward my passion. Since, I was a child; I was fascinated to technology but my dream seemed to be just a dream until one life changing moment when I come to Liger

During in class, I also have learned new writing skills and techniques such as parallel structure, comma usage, anaphora and metaphor that I have implement in my writing.


I have spotlight some of my best parts:

“I decided to apply for Liger scholarship because the only one reason is that Liger has computer programs. My parents didn’t encourage me to apply. I cried like a baby begging for milk.”

“After a year, I even receive a brand new laptop for my learning. I felt that my computer was a new toy that Liger offered. It was such an honor to own it.”

“I asked myself, “What does this button do?” I was ended up clicking all buttons even I didn’t understand what they say.”

“I would say my life is like a game. After I complete a lower level, harder level introduce. Still, the knowledge about computer was not enough, and that is when my next level arrived: coding.”

“Coding is very tough, messy and advance. I faced a lot of frustration and stress, but there is a power that pushes me to keep doing coding. The power is self satisfaction.”

I go to an unusual school – Writing

Name: Vuthy
Group: B
Date: 03/08/2015
English Writing:

I go to an unusual school in Cambodia. The school’s name is Liger Learning Center. In this school, 50 students were selected from 10,000 students all over the country. The school has foreign teachers and Khmer teachers like other international schools, but the curriculum is different. They call the school a project-based-learning school because in the curriculums there is a subject called Exploration. Exploration comes from the word explore, which is learning about something in the real world. One of our Explorations as Ecology. We learned about ecosystems, vocabulary in the class then we had a trip to go to Mondulkiri, Preh Vihear or Koh Kong to explore the forest ecosystem. Our school tries to change Cambodia. Some of our Explorations have changed Cambodia, Example; Techsupport, in this Exploration we helped NGOs in Cambodia with their technology, like fixing their computers for free. We did not help everyone in Cambodia, but we did help Cambodia. In addition, Liger has other subjects like Math, Literacy, Science. Exploration is project based learning at Liger. I love to go to this unusual school.

Idiom “Skeletons In Your Closet”

In our Literacy class we learn some of America Idioms. Our teacher gave a idiom for each student and I got Skeleton In Your Closet.

I design it the Literal Meaning and Figurative Meaning as the picture below.

The Skeleton In Your Closet