Wildlife of Cambodia Book

On 23 January 2015, Liger launched another book is Wildlife of Cambodia. I am not an author of this book but I am a illustrator and translator. I painted many species and four of my paintings chose to be in the book include a habitat and I am so proud of my painting was picked. I didn’t like to paint much before I learn to paint but once I started to learn with Val, I begin to love painting pretty much.

Here is my paintings picked to the book:

For the translations, it was very hard to translate from English to Khmer because in the book have the keywords that Khmer don’t have. I translated six species.

Law of Demand (Economic)

[wr_row][wr_column]In my Economic Advanced Enrichment we learned about Law of Demand, Good and Services, Opportunity cost, Substitutes Affect, Purchasing Power and Decreasing Marginal Utility. I got to choose one topics and make poster, video or Scratch to show what is the topic about and I chose Law of Demand and I made it in Scratch. You have to click the link below to see my simulation. If you have trouble how to use it watch the video.


Programming Description (Python)

Exploration: Programming
Teacher: Alli and Corey
Number of Students: 16

In this Exploration we learned how to program (also called coding). First day of the Exploration we wrote the instructions step by step (turn right 90 degrees, go forward 10 steps….) to tell a robot to go to a room somewhere in my school step by step (turn right 90 degrees, go forward 10 steps, etc). We had some challenges like wolf, sheep and cabbages need to cross the river, gold bars and etc. After that we started to learn to code in the computer. Luckily Alli and Corey chose Python to teach. I have learned Python in my Expertise in TechSupport Exploration so I am very comfortable with it and other students were new to coding. In class we learned how to make simple games like rock paper scissors, guessing a number from 1-100: these are small projects that we did. The bigger project is Hangman Game which is the game to guess a word that the computer chooses. The biggest project was making our own game or simulation. My team made a shooting game. This game has two ships that shoot each other; if their health is equal to zero they would die. The game I use Pygame library to make and it need to have two players to play. It took me three weeks to make it.

On the Sharation day I showed this game to Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education Youth and Sport of Cambodia. He played my game with me and he was very interested in my game. He was really good at playing my game. He beat me. After we played he asked me how to make this game. To explain the code is really hard for those who don’t know anything about it so I made a demo of my game to show him. I told some of my code to him and how I debug it. Also he asked me where I learned it. I said I learned it from the Internet. He was impressed with me. At last we shaked our hands.

Entrepreneur Description

Exploration name: Entrepreneurship

Teacher name: Kichong

Number of students: 12
In our class we learn about entrepreneurship. In entrepreneurs we learn about 3D printing and what does 3D printing do is to make an a object that is three dimensional and it make by putting down a thin layer to make a object. That we design our product that can print in the 3D printing and it have a lot of advantage and good product. In we learning we learn the team to make use not more to learn about how to make a business.  So we have 12 students the teacher divide each team has 2 people. Each team have to think of the problem that people had and come up with an ideas to help solving people problem. In each team have to divide the job. Their is 2 job in each team one is marketing and other is designer. The marketing person that doing promote product,money and other. Designer is a person that design the product. In each team think of the cost and profit of there product. At the end of the class we have went to sell our product at Asia Hope, Logo school and Pannasastra University of Cambodia at their we sell of our product. When it to end of the class we have a test to make a step to make business by using the team that we had learn. Then we have an a sharation to talk about what we do in the class and what we do. There are presentation that we doing in our class.



Goods and Services – Economics

This is a project of my Advanced Enrichment Economics. We learned about Goods and Services, Scarcity and Abundance, Opportunity Cost, Consumer Goods and Capital Goods. I chose one is Goods and Services. Here is what I done.

My Expertise Python Programming

Hello! My name is Vuthy. My expertise is Python Programming. I have been learn Python seen the my first Tech Support Exploration. I learn Python from Codecademy website. This help me to learn basic Python program and I have been practice with Python with Codecademy a lot. When I had complete Python for 49% I was straggling. So I decided to learn Python from Youtube and I installed Python 2.7 to my computer. Everyday, when I have free time I alway learn Python by my own. When I had any problems with Python I always send an email to my mentor. He is really good at Python and he know a lot even small problem that I never think of he can fix. Google said that Python can do a lot of stuff but when I learned all the basic programming finish it can’t do anything. It just can edit text Read and Write in Notepad. Why other people said that Python can make application, game… So I started to Google python make game. Finally I knew that we need to learn Pygame. So I went to Youtube and learn from their tutorials. In Pygame tutorial they said i need to installed pygame and in the tutorial it use Python 3 so I install Python 3.4.2. I did download correctly but when I write the code like the tutorial there was an error. I install pygame again and again but it didn’t work. so I send an email to ask my teacher why it not work and I copied the errors to him. He is really good, He can fix it. Finally it worked. I continued Pygame tutorials and I understood all of them. Then I made my own game similar to the game in the tutorials but have a little bit updates and I make it by my own. It took me for two weeks to make one game. Now I started to learn about Tkinter GUI. My challenge is to fixed the problems that I had. If I can’t fix I always send an email to my mentor in Poland. My favorite things are to write the programs and run it and it do some amazing stuffs like open the browsers, open application and to understand Python tricks. If I not good at Scratch it difficult for me to learn Python and it very different from Scratch but the ideas are the same. When I learn Tkinter GUI finish i will use my knowledges to make an application for school library like sign in sign out the book, ipod, cameras… and if you are late to return it will send you the email. It hard to learn Python tutorial in English and sometime I need to see again and I don’t like to read the documents. I love coding.


Liger Tech Support Description

Exploration Name: Tech Support

Learning Facilitator: Max

Exploration Dates: August 13-Oct 3, 2014

Number of Students: 12

Description: Tech Support was the first Exploration of the second year. In Tech Support we learned about technology and helping other organizations, NGOs and Liger with their technology problems. On the first day Max, our facilitator taught us a little bit about the ideas that he made this Exploration. On the next day we started to learn more about technology. We learned about the parts of computers (hardware). On the second week we had a trip to Singapore! Before that day we prepared our clothes in our backpacks. When we arrived at the airport our parents came to say goodbye to us. We were so sad but we were also happy. On the plane people were talking to each other, some people hurt their ears because it’s hard to hear up there in the sky. When we arrived in Singapore we had to wait for the checker to check our passports. After we finished the check step there was a big surprise for us because Robert (the former head of Liger) came and was waiting for us. He came and said hello to us, we were shocked. About 15 minutes later we went straight to UWCSEA South East Campus. We went there because we want to collaborate with them so we can help NGOs and organizations in Cambodia. There were seven members that worked with us. The first day that we met them we played some games to know and get familiar with each other. Then we found out our host family that we were going to sleep with for two days. Our host families were so friendly and kind. We went there and learned with an IT expert more about the hardware of the computers. On the third day we camped in UWCSEA. Also we went to the science museum to learn and have fun. Sadly on Wednesday we had to leave Singapore. When we came back we went to two organizations to help them. One of them is Tiny Toons. They have problems with their computer. We took five computers to fix at Liger. Luckily we fixed two of them already! The other organization is Green Umbrella, and they have a problem with their website so we helped to fix it.