Running at Bokor Mountain

On Saturday 24th October 2015 I have been to Bokor Mountain to join a 10K run. First time I thought we are going run from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Fortunately, we were running on the top the mountain but still there are hills there, some are small and some bigger than the bridges in Phnom Penh and even higher. I was training with my friends out of the campus but the site I ran is flat. It was really challenge for me to run in Bokor. I was really tired for 1st two kilometers so I slow down a little bit with my own pace. Another challenge was there were less people run there. After 5 K the distance between each runner was about 500 meters. To run alone is not easy at all, If there are more runners around me I can encourage myself easily. I have some mistake that I have done were when I ran up the hill I use a lot of energy and It make me really tired but I didn’t use really much advantage on the way down. I didn’t sleep a lot before the race. I ate a lot of food at the night because I thought it will give me more energy but at the morning I got to go to the bathroom. Anyway I got to the finish line and I got 4th place of Liger runners. That was not bad. I got a lot of experience from this run.


Social Media Expetise

Students are Liger are eyes and ear of Liger and know more about Liger than other people in the world. Liger want to share what we doing in school by Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine. In this years Liger have the class that authorize to us to share the idea of the posts in Facebook and Instagram. Everyweek I have an idea of Facebook post and Instagram.

Facebook post of my idea

Call the fire department, my tongue is ablaze! In our #ChiliSauceExploration, Liger students will spend the entire…

Posted by Liger Leadership Academy on 10 កញ្ញា 2015

And these two in in Instagram: